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Office cleaning tasks that require a professional team

If you’re looking to keep your office clean, tidy and hygienic this year, you might be putting together a cleaning rota. But there are some office cleaning tasks that require a professional team, to ensure the best possible results. So which office cleaning tasks should you hire a professional for? And which can you handle […]

Office cleaning tips for the New Year

If one of your professional New Year resolutions involves keeping your office clean, tidy, and organised, you could see a range of advantages over the coming year. From increased productivity and motivation, to fewer employee absences, office cleaning can be a great way to keep your business firing on all cylinders. But how can you […]

Increase office motivation this New Year

With 2020 fast approaching, New Year’s resolutions are in abundance. One of the most popular aims or goals for any company is to increase employee productivity and workplace motivation. From achievement based incentives to office decor and achievable targets, there are a number of ways to boost productivity. Which method works will be determined by […]

How important are clean office toilets?

clean toilet

Office cleaning is an important consideration for any business, no matter what size. Large or small, your employees will be more productive, and less distracted in a clean and sanitary office environment. But one of the most important areas to clean, in any office, are the office toilets. So how important are clean office toilets? […]