Easy ways to spring clean your office

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With spring well and truly in full swing, why not get your office on board with the tradition of spring cleaning? This is a great way to keep your workplace in good shape, ready for the rest of the year. And a clean office can also lead to a productive, happy and motivated team, which means you could get more out of your employees. But what type of cleaning jobs should you undertake to freshen up your office? And what are the easy ways to spring clean your office? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning experts. From residential and domestic cleaning, to office cleaning and retail, we offer a range of professional cleaning services. And this is our guide to help you spring clean your office space.

Easy ways to spring clean your office

So, how can you give your office a mini-makeover, with a spring clean? And what type of cleaning tasks should be on your to do list? Well, there are a number of jobs you should be considering, including:

  • Thoroughly cleaning any carpeted areas- while your flooring should be cleaned regularly, its important to freshen up any carpeted areas to help keep your office smelling fresh and welcoming. Bacteria and other micro-organisms can thrive in the carpet fibers, and removing these will provide a cleaner, more pleasant office space.
  • Cleaning out the kitchen cupboards- if your employee kitchen has a number of cupboards, it might be time to clean them out. While your kitchen surfaces and cabinet doors might be clean, whats on the inside is a different matter! Get rid of any out of date food, and clean up any spillages to prevent pest infestations. You should probably clean the fridge and microwave too.

Hire a professional

For professional spring cleaning that will really leave our office clean and sanitized, get in touch with the team today, here at Cleaning North West.