Tips to secure your deposit when moving out

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Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading professional cleaning experts. From commercial properties like shops and offices, to homes and student accommodation, we offer a range of flexible, high quality cleaning solutions. And these can be arranged to suit you, and your individual requirements. One of our popular services is end of tenancy cleaning, and this is something that can be instrumental to helping you secure 100% of your deposit back. But how? Well, these are our tips to help you be sure you get your deposit back, when leaving any tenancy agreement.

Tips to secure your deposit when moving out

To make sure you’re not left out of pocket, follow these steps:

  • Check with the landlord or letting agent to see if they have any specific requirements for the property, especially with appliances, ovens, carpets, soft furnishings, and windows.
  • Use your list of requirements to get an accurate quote from professional cleaning teams, like us here at Cleaning North West.
  • Defrost the freezer before the last day of the lease, as it can take quite a while to be fully defrosted.
  • Remove limescale from the toilet with daily limescale remover treatment, for a period of 3-5 days.
  • Hire a professional company to take care of the rest, so you can focus on packing up and moving out.
  • Keep your receipts to prove you hired a professional cleaning service should your landlord refuse to pay back your full deposit.

What does our end of tenancy cleaning include?

So, if you hire us here at Cleaning North West, for your end of tenancy cleaning, what should you expect? Well, our end of tenancy cleaning involves:

  • Cleaning all flooring
  • Cleaning and sanitising the bathroom and kitchen
  • Cleaning walls, doors and internal glass
  • Cleaning the ceilings and removing dust and cobwebs from alcoves
  • simple repair jobs like touching up paintwork and replacing light bulbs, door handles or taps (as long as you provide the materials)
  • waste removal- we know moving out can mean cutting down on clutter, so we will handle all your waste

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