Natural cleaning tips for your bathroom

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Cleaning your home is usually a chore you would rather put off. And with hectic lives and busy schedules, it can be difficult just to find the time anyway. But if your home is neglected for too long, you could be making a difficult chore even worse. From tough stains, to dirt build up in the carpet, cleaning your home will only get more difficult, the longer you leave it. Unless you consider some serious cleaning products that will remove any and all dirt. But these can also bring harmful fumes, and irritants into your home. So, why not consider some natural cleaning products and tips? Here at Cleaning North West, we are leading cleaning professionals, across Preston and the North West. And these are our natural cleaning tips for your bathroom.

Natural cleaning tips for your bathroom

So, how can you clean your bathroom, remove dirt, limescale and bacteria, with natural products? Well, here are some top tips:

  • For mirrors, glassware and shower doors- mix up some vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio. Using a spray bottle, cover the surface in this mixture, and then simply wipe off with a cloth. This will remove water stains, soap scum, and bacteria that could be thriving on the surface.
  • Tiles and shower trays- for bathroom tiles and shower trays, mix up some baking soda and water into a paste and spread this over the area to be cleaned. When this is wiped away, the dirt, soap scum and bacteria will be wiped away too.
  • Toilets- to breathe new life into your toilet, sprinkle some baking soda around the bowl to coat the sides. Then pour a cup of straight white vinegar over the top and scrub the bowl. You can even pour some lime or lemon juice over the top too. This is sure to get rid of any tough stains, and lingering smells.

Here at Cleaning North West, we provide professional, effective cleaning services to homes and businesses across Preston. Why not let us take care of your bathroom, and your home? Just get in touch today.