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Prevent summer flu’s in your office

With summer just around the corner, and the temperature rising and falling frequently, the conditions are ripe for flu’s and infections to form. These are known as summer flu’s or summer colds, and they could seriously eat into the productivity and motivation of your staff, as well as increasing employee absenteeism. As a result, preventing […]

Small details essential for domestic cleaning perfection

When cleaning your home from top to bottom its easy to focus on the big details. And rightly so. After all, your flooring, kitchen and bathrooms should take precedence over other cleaning tasks. But this doesn’t mean you should overlook or neglect the small details altogether. Because these small details can make a huge difference […]

Advantages of professional interior glass cleaning

Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. From offices and retail properties to homes and houses, we offer a range of high quality, professional cleaning solutions. Part of this service includes cleaning all of your interior glass. Whether that’s display cabinets and cases, glass doors and office dividers, or a glass […]

Why should you clean your office sink regularly?

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Cleaning your office is a great way to maintain employee productivity and motivation, as well as to make a good impression on anyone who enters. Clients, or even new members of staff, should feel impressed when they walk into your space. And a clean, sanitary environment can help you achieve this desired effect. But one […]

Tips to secure your deposit when moving out

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Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading professional cleaning experts. From commercial properties like shops and offices, to homes and student accommodation, we offer a range of flexible, high quality cleaning solutions. And these can be arranged to suit you, and your individual requirements. One of our popular services is end of tenancy […]

Natural cleaning products for your kitchen

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Following on from yesterdays article about using natural cleaning products in your bathroom, here at Cleaning North West, we thought we should give you some more tips about different products you can use to clean your kitchen, naturally. As Preston’s leading domestic cleaning professionals, we are experts when it comes to all things cleaning. So, […]