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How often should you clean your office desk?

Office desks are vital for any office working environment. But with such frequent use, these desks can become dirty and unhygienic. That’s why regular office cleaning, including desk cleaning, is so important. Especially if you want your staff to stay motivated and productive. But how often should your desks be cleaned? Well, this depends on […]

Professional office cleaning and the Health and Safety at Work Act

For any businesses or companies operating in an office environment, adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act is essential. Not only is this a legal requirement of your company with failure to follow this Act leading to fines and legal consequences, but it is also designed to keep you and employees safe from […]

Signs your office needs a professional cleaner

When running your business from day to day, sometimes things go unnoticed. During a busy week or month, paperwork can start to mount up, while your office kitchen starts to look more like a student kitchen. So, should you schedule team cleaning time into your work day, or should you hire a professional instead? And […]

How frequently should your office be professionally cleaned?

commercial cleaners preston

Here at Cleaning North West, we provide a range of professional cleaning services for Preston offices, homes and shops. And these can be delivered on a regular basis, or as and when required. For any customer facing business, cleanliness and first impressions are essential, and that’s why hiring a professional cleaning team on a regular […]