What does deep cleaning of your office include?

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For some companies and businesses, keeping on top of the cleaning can be a challenge. From irregular opening hours, to hectic deadline schedules, often the cleaning can be completely forgotten. And if you don’t hire a professional cleaning team, it simply might be permanently overlooked. At least until you need to clean. And by this point, months work of dirt, dishes and chaos will have built up. That’s why, here at Cleaning North West, we offer a professional deep cleaning service for offices. But what does deep cleaning of your office include, and why should you choose a professional team? Well, this is our guide to everything you should know about office deep cleaning.

What does deep cleaning of your office include?

So, what is an office deep clean, and what kind of cleaning tasks are included? Well, a deep clean is a clean that goes above and beyond regular cleaning duties. These will of course be included, but more steps will be taken to ensure that your building is fully clean, in areas that are often ignored. Deep cleaning will include:

  • Cleaning all the floors thoroughly, even behind and underneath furniture, not just on the main walkways. We will use the right methods, tools and techniques to get the best results for the flooring throughout your property.
  • Cleaning the walls from ceilings to floor
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces, including desks, keyboards, and chairs.
  • Sanitizing all toilet facilities and kitchen areas to remove bacteria, fungus and viruses that could be thriving on unkempt surfaces.
  • Cleaning and polishing all internal glasswork, including mirrors and windows.

Why should you work with the professionals?

Whatever the condition of your office space, we can make sure it is as good as new. With our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can be sure to leave your space spotless, and we will be prepared for any issues that may arise when cleaning too. Here at Cleaning North West, we offer a reliable and professional cleaning service. So why not get in touch today?