Domestic cleaning for the holiday season

scrubbing a floor at Preston offices

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about cleaning your home. The chances are, your friends and family will be visiting across the festive period, so why not thoroughly clean your home before it all begins? This will leave them with a lasting impression of a clean and welcoming home. Here at Cleaning Northwest, we are domestic cleaning experts. Why not give us a call to spruce up your home ready for Christmas?

Domestic cleaning for the holiday season

Our cleaning service can help you get ready for the holiday season with:

  • Thorough floor cleaning: whether its a mop or a hoover we have the equipment to tackle any flooring type and leave it looking as good as new. Christmas is a time of year when the lights and candles will illuminate any neglected nooks and crannies, and that means we will make sure any corner of your floor is clean and clear. So you can relax and enjoy a clean home.
  • Full surface cleaning: from dusting down your mantelpiece to scrubbing your kitchen surfaces, whatever you need we are prepared to tackle. Using a damp cloth and removing the dust from photo-frames, surfaces, bookcases, TV cabinets and fireplaces can really freshen up your home. And once the dust is out of the way, we’ll also deep clean any surface to remove any stains, marks or germs left behind.
  • Ceilings: hard to reach and often a great home for spiders, ceilings can be an issue for Christmas cleaning. Especially if you like to hang decorations from the ceiling. That’s why we use the vacuum or a feather duster to wipe your ceiling removing dust and cobwebs. Then you and your guests are free to enjoy the decorations without worrying about spiders.
  • Windowsills: finally, your windowsills should be looking shiny and clean ready for Christmas. After all, don’t you want to show off that lovely Christmas tree? Well, as part of our cleaning service we can clean your windowsills and frames leaving them clean and fresh. Perfect for housing a Christmas display.

For more information or to book your own domestic cleaning service over the festive period, get in touch with the experts today, here at Cleaning Northwest.