Bacteria hotspots in your kitchen

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Kitchens can harbor a range of dangerous and unpleasant bacteria, which could contribute to illnesses and infections. Whether its the communal kitchen in the office, or your private kitchen at home, cleanliness, and sanitation, are both necessary for a clean, and healthy, kitchen. Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s top cleaning professionals. From home cleaning, to office cleaning, we offer a variety of flexible, high quality, professional cleaning services. As a result, we know all about kitchen cleaning, and the importance of tackling any bacteria hotspots in your kitchen.

Bacteria hotspots in your kitchen

So, where can bacteria hotspots be found in the kitchen? Well, different bacteria and different germs, will lurk in different places depending on your own circumstances. But in any kitchen, a communal kitchen, or a domestic kitchen, there are some shared danger zones that should be given a large amount of attention. These bacteria hotspots can be found:

  • In the fridge- it makes sense when you consider that the fridge tends to store meat, cheese and vegetables. All of which can carry bacteria. And although bacterial reproduction might be slower in the cold temperature, it might not be prevented altogether. Salad trays, storing your unwashed vegetables, are the main culprit for bacteria built up like salmonella and e-coli. However, in a shared kitchen, the fridge door or handle can also become a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria. This is something that almost everyone in your office will touch at least twice a day, and so it attracts dirt and bacteria from all employees.
  • The sink- you might think the sink is safe, because it’s often being rinsed out, but this isnt always the case. In fact, bacteria like e-coli thrive in the moist environment of the kitchen sink. And with a steady food supply from crumbs and remnants on peoples plates, the sink can be the perfect home for bacteria.

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