How does cleaning your home change the smell?

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Cleaning your home is a vital part of your routine. From the kitchen and food preparation areas, to where you sleep at night, it is essential that your home is a clean space, for both your health and well-being. But often with busy schedules and hectic lives, cleaning can be forgotten about or neglected. Hiring a professional cleaning team, like us here at Cleaning North West, can ensure that your home is clean and sanitary, while you get on with the rest of your schedule. And this can also help your home smell fresh and clean too. So, how does cleaning your home change the smell?

How does your home smell?

Smells in the home build up over time. From deodorant to soap, washing powder to hairspray, we often use things that emit a smell into an enclosed space. And this is how your home takes on its own distinctive smell. But, if your home is not regularly cleaned, dirt and bacteria can build up. And this is what can cause your home to take on a less pleasant smell. Often this will only be a subtle hint, but our noses are capable of picking up around 10,000 scents. So you will probably start to notice after just a few days. Regular cleaning can be a great way to prevent bad odours, as well as get rid of them completely.

How does cleaning your home change the smell?

So, how does cleaning your home change the smell? Well, its a three step process that involves:

  1. Removing the dirt and bacteria- Cleaning your home will remove the source of any smells.
  2. Scented cleaning products- The smell of cleaning products will also help to fight any odours lingering in the air, helping your home smell fresh and clean. Eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as home remedy cleaning products can both produce this effect.

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