3 ways your home could be making you ill

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Keeping a clean and sanitary home can be a challenge. Especially when you consider busy, hectic lifestyle changes. From working long hours, to keeping up with your children, there usually isn’t enough hours in the day to get through everything on your to do list. But if you dont keep your home clean, and sanitized, you could be risking your health. A clean home is essential for removing potentially harmful materials, as well as microbes and dust. Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading domestic cleaning professionals. And we also offer a range of commercial cleaning services too. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top 3 ways your home could be making you ill.

3 ways your home could be making you ill

An unclean home could lead to a range of different illnesses and problems. This can include:

  • bacterial infections
  • viral infections
  • allergies

Bacterial infections

A lot of places in your home will contain traces of bacteria. With regular cleaning, this rarely becomes an issue. However, if these are left to reproduce and spread, you could find that you contract any of several nasty bacterial infections. These include salmonella and e.coli.

Viral infections

Viral infections will need a human host to be infected first, to bring this virus into your home. Once inside, viruses spread through body fluids and direct contact. Virsues however, like the common cold for example, can live for days on a range of surfaces, breeding and spreading, waiting to infect someone else. In a home that is not regularly cleaned, viral infections are likely to be more common, and will probably last longer too.


A home that is not regularly cleaned is likely to contain more allergens than a clean home. These cane be brought in from outside, or may develop inside, given the right conditions. Allergens can be trapped in fabrics, like carpet and curtains, or they can be airborne. Allergens in the home include pollen, and mold. Regular cleaning can be beneficial to remove things like pollen brought in from outside, and to prevent mold and mildew from building up to an uncomfortable level.

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