Simple steps to improve office hygiene

When it comes to an office environment, a countless number of germs and bacteria can thrive across a range of surfaces. From the toilet door handle, to the fridge door, and even your office keyboard, the office is often an unclean, unhygienic environment? But how can you improve office hygiene effectively? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. From domestic cleaning, to retail and office cleaning, we can offer a range of high quality, effective cleaning services. As a result, we have produced these simple steps to improve office hygiene.

1.Provide anti-bacterial hand gel

In the toilet and kitchen area, you should be providing hand soap for your employees to wash their hands when appropriate. But if you also provide anti-bacterial hand gel, you could reduce the number of bacteria ever further. This can stop particularly nasty types of bacteria from spreading from the kitchen or bathroom across your office, and as a result, reduce employee absenteeism and sickness.

2.Create a clean kitchen policy

A company wide policy that requires employees to wash any dishes and clean up any mess after using the kitchen is a good way to prevent food related illnesses from spreading through the office. E.coli and Salmonella are just two of the common types of bacteria found in kitchen worktops and around kitchen draining areas. By washing dishes and cleaning spills on a regular basis, these bacteria will not have the opportunity to thrive.

3.Hire a professional cleaning team

Finally, to keep your office surfaces clean and clear, on a regular basis, you could consider hiring a professional cleaning team, like us here at Cleaning North West. We will take care of all cleaning tasks for you in a professional, flexible manner, at a time and regularity that suits you and your business. For more information, why not get in touch today?