Professional Sparkle cleaning Service

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Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading commercial and domestic cleaning team. And we work with a variety of business and residential clients across the region. One of the roles we can undertake in these settings is a professional sparkle cleaning service. And it comes straight after a builders clean. So what is sparkle cleaning?

What is sparkle cleaning?

Otherwise known as a handover clean, a sparkle clean is a deep final clean that follows a building project or refurbishment. After all, you want your changes to look amazing once all the construction work has been completed, and this will mean a thorough cleaning is in order.
As a result, Sparkle Cleaning is a thorough clean that will focus on all areas of the newly transformed area, and the rest of your property. We will pay attention to the floors, walls and fixtures to remove any construction dust that may be lingering, and to make sure everything is gleaming as it should be.

What does a sparkle clean involve?

A professional sparkle cleaning service will normally take place once the construction has come to an end, or is in the very finally stages. As a result, we will always work closely with the site manager and follow all health and safety guidance and regulations.

In addition, the main aim of our clean is to make sure that your property achieves a WOW response. After all, investing in new construction work deserves a lot of credit. To achieve this, we will clean all reachable places, including awkward corners and nooks and crannies, doors, walls and floors so that your property will be sparkling.

If you think a professional sparkle cleaning service is just what you need, why not get in touch with the experts today, here at Cleaning North West.