Professional shower cleaning tips

Whether its the bathroom in your own home, or one that is shared in a multiple occupancy home, residential home, or even in a commercial setting like a gym or leisure centre, keeping this clean is essential. And this includes shower cleaning. But keeping on top of your shower cleaning can be a challenge. Especially as the longer it is left, the more difficult it becomes to tackle. So how can you keep on top of your shower cleaning? And what kind of shower cleaning routine should you follow? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. As a result, we have produced these professional shower cleaning tips.

Professional shower cleaning tips

To keep your shower clean, in good condition, and sanitary, you should consider breaking down the cleaning routine into manageable pieces. This will help you organise your cleaning, and keep on top of the smaller jobs, that can become a bigger problem in the future. These tasks can be broken into chunks, such as:

  • daily cleaning tasks
  • weekly cleaning tasks
  • monthly cleaning tasks

Daily cleaning tasks

For your shower to stay clean, every day you should consider:

  • Wiping the tiles and shower door with a towel after use. This helps avoid condensation and mold build up.
  • Leaving the bathroom window open to reduce humidity

Weekly cleaning tasks

Every week you should be sure to:

  • spray the inside of the shower with a specialized shower cleaning spray, or a homemade alternative
  • clean the grout with a soft scrub brush and some vinegar

Monthly cleaning tasks

Every month, you should:

  • clean your shower drain and remove any blockages
  • clean the shower door and remove any soap scum or dirt
  • clean the shower head

For professional cleaning support you can count on, regularly or when required, get in touch with the team today, here at Cleaning North West.