Professional office cleaning

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Here at Cleaning North West, we offer a range of cleaning services in a variety of settings. From homes to offices, our professional skills are perfect for your needs. On of our most popular services is office cleaning, especially at this time of year. But what can you expect from a professional office cleaning? And what are the advantages of such a service. Well, this is our guide to professional office cleaning.

What can you expect from a professional office cleaning service?

Many of our customers aren’t sure what they should expect when they hire us to clean their offices and are often surprised as a result. This is because we work hard to leave your office space gleaming, through:

  • thorough hoovering, mopping or scrubbing to tackle the floors
  • attention to detail in the bathroom and toilet areas
  • full cleaning of the kitchen areas including the appliances
  • doors, work-surfaces and chairs will be left spotless too

What are the advantages of professional office cleaning?

There are a range of advantages when it comes to professional office cleaning. These include an increase in hygiene, productivity and of course a clean environment.

Office Hygiene

People working for 8 hours a day in the same space can be a challenge and it defiantly creates mess. From waste products to untidy workstations, at the end of the working day, offices can be incredibly chaotic. They are also the perfect place for bacteria and germs to breed and thrive. Especially with so many people in one space. As a result, a professional office cleaning service doesn’t just leave your office fresh and clean, it also removes these germs and keeps your workplace hygienic.
Bacteria hotspots can develop easily in an office space, especially in places where lots of people interact with the same objects. This can include:

  • fridge and kettle handles
  • cupboard doors
  • bathroom doors

Our professional service will leave these spotless with each and every clean.

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