Professional office cleaning and workplace productivity

If there’s one thing that unites businesses across the UK, its concern fr workplace productivity. While the UK has some of the longest working hours, our workplace productivity is often below standard. And a lack of productivity can come from a range of sources, including poor management, inefficient working systems or procedures, poor organisation, or poor office cleanliness. So how does the cleanliness of the working environment influence productivity? And what can you do to prevent this? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading professional office cleaning experts. And this is our guide to professional office cleaning and workplace productivity.

Office productivity and employee absences

Poor employee attendance, with ill health absences and a high rate of sick days, is a good indicator that your team are not as productive as they should be. Employee absenteeism affects productivity in two ways:

  1. Work is not completed as quickly, or projects are held up, waiting for a member of staff to return to work
  2. Other members of staff take on extra work and quickly lose motivation and their own health

And this lack of productivity is backed up by official statistics:

  • Sick days cost U.K businesses £13.7 Billion a year, the equivalent of 460,000 office workers wages.
  • Unplanned sick days cause businesses a decrease in productivity by 54% and a decrease in sales and customer service by 39%.

Professional office cleaning and workplace productivity

So, a simple and effective way to tackle poor productivity in the workplace, is to create a working environment that is healthy and hygienic to all staff. Part of this should involve regular, professional cleaning. This can help to:

  • Remove and prevent bacteria building up on desks, phones and other shared office equipment
  • Prevent and remove harmful bacteria like e.coli in the kitchen, on surfaces and in the office fridge
  • Remove allergens like pollen and dust
  • Keep all toilet areas sanitary and clean.

For more information or to book a professional office cleaning service, get in touch with the team today, here at Cleaning North West.