Preventing clutter in the workplace

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An untidy office is not only a less productive working environment, but it’s also likely to set the wrong first impression, and make your office feel less clean. But when paperwork is an essential part of the job, and when there is a lot of work to be completed, asking your employees to stop and tidy up can be even less productive. So what can you do? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s office cleaning professionals. As a result, we have produced these tips for preventing clutter in the workplace.

Preventing clutter in the workplace

To keep your office looking organised and tidy, and to prevent any losses of paperwork or other potential problems, you need a tidy, uncluttered work-space. You could try:

  • Installing filing cabinets for every desk- this way your employees will have somewhere safe to file and store documents, instead of piling them up on the desk
  • Maintaining filing cabinets- a filing cabinet is not a bottomless pit though. So once it gets full, your employees are back to having no room. That’s why you should think about ongoing maintenance. This could involve moving files that are more than 6 months old to a separate filing area. And of course, you may need to be shredding some documentation for data protection too.
  • Employee rota- if your staff member keep leaving their empty cups and food dishes on their desk, rather than, or as well as, paperwork, you could consider an employee kitchen rota. This will encourage everyone to take more responsibility for the workplace, but you might also cause disruption and low morale.
  • Hire a professional- to make sure your office space is clean, tidy and ready for work, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning team. This will also help prevent disputes and unhappiness in the workplace.

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