Office desk cleaning mistakes

We all know the office desks are probably not the most well looked after part of any office. From food crumbs and coffee spills to paper documents piling up, the office desk can be untidy, and is frequently unclean too. But when you clean your office desk (eventually) you could in fact be doing this wrong too. So what does this means for your office cleaning? And what are the most common office desk cleaning mistakes? Well, here at Cleaning North West. We are Preston’s leading office cleaning team, and we provide a range of services to suit the requirements of your company. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about desk cleaning mistakes in the office.

What are the most common office desk cleaning mistakes?

There are several common mistakes that businesses of all sizes make when cleaning the office desks. These mistakes include:

  • Not using the right cleaning products
  • Not sanitising the desk
  • Ignoring the office accessories

Not using the right cleaning products

You need to make sure you use the correct cleaning products for your desks and workspaces. This is because cleaning products that are too string can cause dermatitis and irritations for your employees once they start work. This can lead to increased employee absenteeism.

Not sanitizing the desk

While you dont want to use cleaning products that can irritate your employees, you also need to make sure you kill all of the germs and microbes that can be thriving on the surface of any office desk. Sanitizing the desk is not always the same as cleaning the desk, so be sure to fully sanitize it too.

Ignoring the office accessories

From pen pots to old desk phones, the office desk often has a range of accessories on top. These can become just as unclean and unhygienic as the desk itself, so ignoring these is not a good way to ensure that your office is a clean and healthy environment.

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