Office cleaning daily tasks

Daily cleaning for your office space can feel like a lot. But if you want a productive, motivated team of staff who rarely have a sick day, keeping the office sanitary, hygienic and clean is important. And there are some jobs that need to be fulfilled on a daily basis. Here at Cleaning North West. we are Preston’s leading office cleaning professionals, and this is our guide to the most important office cleaning daily tasks.

Top 10 office cleaning daily tasks

To keep your office clean and sanitary, you should find a way to complete these 10 office cleaning daily tasks:

  1. Clean off the top of desks and work surfaces removing rubbish as well as any crockery
  2. Empty bins and recycling
  3. Washing and drying all pots, cups and dishes and putting these away
  4. Dusting and wiping all computer monitors and keyboards
  5. Cleaning the office phone
  6. Cleaning the floor or carpet, including vacuuming and mopping with disinfectant
  7. Sanitizing the office kitchen worktops, door handles, cupboards
  8. Cleaning and sanitizing the fridge door and handle
  9. Disinfecting toilets and cleaning the floors, surfaces, sinks and doors in the bathroom areas
  10. Filing away paperwork at the end of each day

Hire a professional team

While this list may not feel like a lot, it can eat into your employees valuable working time, should you try and keep on top of your office cleaning with an in-house rota or schedule. This can distract your staff from more productive work related tasks, and it can even lead to disputes and anger between your team members, as some will inevitably contribute more than others.

Hiring a professional team, like us here are at Cleaning North West can help to ensure that your office is clean, tidy and hygienic at all times, while your staff can focus on what’s important. For more information or advice, why not get in touch today?