Neglected office cleaning tasks

If you use a schedule system to organise your office cleaning, with different members of staff following a set rota, you might find that your office is not as clean as it could be. From an increase in workload, to simple human error, most offices using this cleaning system in the UK, find areas of the office that are completely neglected in terms of cleaning. But which areas of the office are most likely to be neglected? And what can you do about it? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s office cleaning professionals. We provide high quality office cleaning solutions for businesses around the region. And this is our guide to the commonly neglected office cleaning tasks.

What are the most frequently neglected office cleaning tasks?

So, when it comes to your office, which cleaning tasks are likely to be forgotten about, or not fully completed? Well, there are several, including:

  • Cleaning interior glass- if your office uses glass partitions or doors, keeping these clean is important for the overall aesthetic of your office, and the impression it creates. But this is a cleaning task that is often left out of the cleaning list, and is usually forgotten about. For glass doors, this lack of cleaning could be contributing to employee absenteeism, with germs being shared from the handle, or the glass itself.
  • Light fixtures and ceilings- while the kitchen and bathroom are probably cleaned every day, other smaller jobs may be forgotten about. Cleaning your celing and light fixtures for example. Over time, dust, dirt and dead bugs can build up around light fixtures, and your ceiling can become dirty. This darkens your office space and makes it feel less welcoming. Light switches are also frequently neglected, leading some to change colour from overuse, and dirt!
  • Underneath the desks- if you have a communal office environment, with desks pooled together in the centre, the chances are that these are not moved and thoroughly cleaned regularly. This would be too much disruption for the working day, but it does mean that bacteria and germs have a space to thrive.

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