Key points for effective desk cleaning

When it comes to keeping your office clean, tidy and hygienic, one of the key areas of focus should be the work desk. This is where your employees will spend most of their time, and it can be a haven for bacteria. But a quick surface wipe every week probably isn’t enough. A professional cleaning team will be sure to leave each and every work desk spotless and sanitary. And that’s just one of the reasons you should consider hiring a professional office cleaner, like us here at Cleaning North West. But what should be the key focus for desk cleaning? Well, there are our key points for effective desk cleaning.

Why is desk cleaning important?

So, first of all, why is desk cleaning important? Well, any office desk can gather:

  • Dirt and debris- from food crumbs and coffee rings, to dirt from office plants and general waste, the office desk can collect dirt.
  • Bacteria and viruses- desk surfaces are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and viruses can live on desk surfaces for many hours, waiting to be picked up by the next person.

To keep your office not only physically clean and tidy, but hygienic and sanitary too, effective desk cleaning is important.

What are the key points for effective desk cleaning?

How can you be sure your desk cleaning is effective? And what are the key points for effective desk cleaning? Well, there are several including:

  • Cleaning all the key areas- the desk phone, stationary holders and keyboards will all need to be cleaned thoroughly, as well as the desk surface itself. This is even more important if the desk is shared between different members of staff, as effective cleaning can prevent bugs passing around the office.
  • Using the right cleaning products- you need to be sure that when cleaning your desk you are removing all of the germs and micro-organisms. Warm soapy water might not be enough.
  • Cleaning the whole desk area- the desk chair, the wastepaper bin and the carpet underneath the desk should be thoroughly cleaned too, to prevent contamination of germs and dirt from one place to the other.

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