How quickly can bacteria multiply in your office?

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From coughs and colds, to stomach bugs and contagious skin issues, the workplace environment can be a melting pot for a range of different bacteria and viruses. And as we recently discussed, these can survive on a range of hard and soft surfaces for a fairly lengthy period of time, with C.difficile surviving for up to 5 months! But how quickly can bacteria multiply in your office? And in turn, how often does your office need to be cleaned, to keep on top of these potentially dangerous germs? Well, here at Cleaning North West. we are Preston’s leading office cleaning professionals, and this is our guide to everything you should know about germs and how they multiply.

The difference between bacteria and viruses

Germs in your office can only multiply on surfaces like the kitchen sink, the office desk or the office telephone, if they fall into the bacteria category. This includes E.Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and C. difficile. All of which can result in nasty stomach bugs with a range of unpleasant symptoms.

However, viruses like those that cause winter vomiting (norovirus) and cold and flus, actually require a human host to reproduce. So while they can survive on surfaces for a lengthy period of time, no more virus cells can be created at this point. However, when just one person in the office is infected, within just 4 hours, almost 50% of surfaces and co-workers could be carrying the virus, according to one study. This means that while the virus cells cant reproduce effectively, they can spread quickly and easily between your work colleagues.

How quickly can bacteria multiply in your office?

Depending on the conditions available, most bacteria cells like, individual E. coli cells, are capable of doubling every 20 minutes. So with just one parent cell, you could have more than 1 million bacteria cells in just 7 hours. In the office environment, studies have found that just by missing one day of cleaning a particular surface, the amount of bacteria can increase by more than 30%. And the more that these cells multiply, the more likely it is for your staff to become unfit for work, increasing employee absenteeism.

Hire a professional office cleaning team

To reduce the risks associated with the bacteria and virus cells in your office, you should hire a regular, professional cleaning team, like us here at Cleaning North West. Why not get in touch today?