How long can germs survive in your office?

While many offices look tidy and clean, under the surface, invisible to the naked eye, the surfaces could be home to thousands of germs and bacteria. From the office toilets and kitchen areas, to desks, telephones and door handles, your office surfaces could be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. But how long can germs survive in your office? And how can you keep on top of them? Well, here at Cleaning North West. we are Preston’s leading office cleaning professionals, and this is our guide to everything you should know about germs on your office surfaces.

So, how long can germs survive in your office?

Different types of viruses and bacteria can survive for different lengths of time, when the surfaces provide the best possible conditions. In an office environment, this can lead to a number of infections spreading between your staff members, reducing employee productivity and increasing stress. These germs include:

  • The cold and flu viruses can survive for days on hard surfaces such as office desks, but will only remain infectious for 24 hours.
  • The norovirus germs can survive on hard surfaces for days or weeks if the conditions are favorable.
  • Salmonella and campylobacter survive for short periods of around 1 to 4 hours on hard surfaces or fabrics.
  • C. difficile can survive for around 5 months on hard surfaces and fabrics.

Professional office cleaning can help

Hiring a regular office cleaning team can help to remove these germs frequently, and prevent these bugs from spreading around your workplace, infecting more of your staff. Cleaning and sanitizing all of the hard surfaces is an essential part of maintaining high office standards. But this can be difficult to fit into your own working day. So, why not get in touch with Preston’s leading professional office cleaning team instead, here at Cleaning North West?