How important are clean office toilets?

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Office cleaning is an important consideration for any business, no matter what size. Large or small, your employees will be more productive, and less distracted in a clean and sanitary office environment. But one of the most important areas to clean, in any office, are the office toilets. So how important are clean office toilets? And how can professional office cleaning help? Well, here at Cleaning North West. We are Preston’s leading office cleaning team, and we provide a range of services to suit the requirements of your company. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about clean office toilets.

How important are clean office toilets?

A clean and sanitary office toilet space is incredibly important. This can influence:

  • Employee health- toilets and kitchens are the places that are most commonly associated with germs, viruses and bacteria. That’s because warm and wet environments are the perfect breeding ground for any micro-organism. From Salmonella to Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Hepatitis A and E, a number of dangerous bacteria and virus germs can be picked up from an unsanitary toilet space. This can easily lead to poor employee health, high employee absenteeism and a stressed work team.
  • Good impression- if your office holds face to face meetings with clients, contacts or connections, a clean office toilet is a great way to make a positive impression. Nobody wants to use an unclean toilet, if your office toilet is not sanitary, this is something that most people will remember strongly about their interaction with your company.

Professional office cleaning

For a clean and sanitary office environment, including the main office space, office desks and the office kitchen and toilets, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning team, like us here at Cleaning North West. We can be booked for frequent, regular cleaning, or more sporadic, deep cleans, and we are always sure to be reliable, professional, and thorough in our work.