How frequently should your office be professionally cleaned?

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Here at Cleaning North West, we provide a range of professional cleaning services for Preston offices, homes and shops. And these can be delivered on a regular basis, or as and when required. For any customer facing business, cleanliness and first impressions are essential, and that’s why hiring a professional cleaning team on a regular basis can be a great option. But, how frequently should your office be professionally cleaned? And what are the options we can provide?

How frequently should your office be professionally cleaned?

The frequency of professional cleaning will depend on a couple of factors, including:

  • Internal cleaning system- if you have an internal cleaning system for your staff to take care of the day to day tasks, a full weekly or fortnightly clean will be enough to keep your office space looking fresh and clean. However, with no staff cleaning schedule, you should think about hiring a professional team every day, to keep on top of your office hygiene and condition.
  • The size of the office/staff ratio- In general, the more staff you have, the more mess will be created. But this is also dependent on the size of the office space. For example, in a small, busy office with a big team you will likely find that mess and dirt builds up quickly, as everyone is sharing a small space. In a large office, it might take longer for the mess to build up, but the mess will spread into every corner of the office space too, which can be difficult to keep on top of. For offices with a small amount of staff, a weekly to fortnightly clean will probably be enough to maintain a clean office environment, but with more staff, more frequent cleaning will be necessary.

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