Domiciliary care in Preston: What are the advantages?

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Here at Cleaning North West, one of the services we are most proud to offer is domiciliary care. Otherwise known as home care or home help, this is something that our team is trained to provide. But what is domiciliary care, what do we offer, and what are the advantages of this? Well, this is our guide to everything you need to know about domiciliary care.

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care, also known as home care and home help, is a care method that works for a variety of individuals. For temporary care when in the recovery period after an operation, domiciliary care is perfect. But it is also good for long term care too, and is suitable for both older people and younger people with a variety of reasons for needing extra support.

Domiciliary care works on a number of different levels.

At the highest level, the district nurse, or other registered nurse will visit once or several times a day to administer necessary medication, or to help with an ongoing medical issue.

At the intermediate level, there may be private care services involved that will work with the nurse to make sure the client is taking the right medication, and that all personal care needs are met.

What can we offer?

Here at Cleaning North West, we offer the primary level of domiciliary care. This is all about providing support with everyday tasks. So even if you have the other levels of care in place, we can work alongside the other professionals to provide a slightly different approach. We will:

  • provide companionship, preventing loneliness
  • clean your home and keep it tidy and fresh
  • bring your shopping and prepare your meals
  • complete small maintenance jobs like changing a light bulb


What are the advantages of domiciliary care?

There are a lot of advantages to domiciliary care, with many people finding the biggest advantage is being able to stay in their own home, without having to move into a residential or nursing home. This is something that lots of older people fear, especially when they feel well enough to live in their own home, and may just need a little bit of support. With domiciliary care, people can stay close to family and friends, and remain in their own property, keeping their independence.

In addition, domiciliary care can be less expensive than residential care, and this relieves a big financial burden.

For more information about domiciliary care in Preston, get in touch today, here at Cleaning North West.