Domestic cleaning to tackle summer flu

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In our latest blog, we looked at all the key surfaces that need cleaning in an office, to reduce the spread of summer flu. But what about in your own home? After all, all it takes is for one member of your household to become ill, and the rest of you could be hit with it too. So what can you do at home to stay on top of the summer flu virus? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning providers. We provide a range of cleaning solutions for companies and businesses, as well s homeowners. As a result, we have produced this guide to domestic cleaning to tackle summer flu outbreaks.

Domestic cleaning to tackle summer flu

So, what should you do around the home to reduce the spread of this inconvenient virus? Well, there are several things you should clean to keep on top of your health and hygiene. These include:

  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces and food prep areas- these are the perfect surfaces for viruses to hang out on, as they can easily infect a new human host when preparing food, or even eating. That’s why sanitizing these surfaces is essential to keep on top of the spread of colds and viruses. You should be extra vigilant about this when someone in the household is ill, and clean before preparing any food.
  • Towels- towels can become covered in germs very quickly. And if you have any shared towels, like those in the kitchen or bathroom, you will want to wash these as regularly as possible, otherwise its highly likely for the virus to spread.
  • Light switches and door handles- these are two objects that are touched by every member of your household on a regular basis. And as such, they will need to be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis, if someone has a cold or the flu.

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