Developing an office cleaning schedule

For your office to remain a motivated and productive workspace, that can generate a great first impression with clients and customers, you will need to consider regular, frequent office cleaning. And this can involve a range of tasks, that you can schedule for your own routine and requirements. So how do you begin developing an office cleaning schedule? And how do you make sure your cleaning schedule will be successful? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s number one office cleaning professionals, and we provide high quality cleaning solutions to keep your office looking great. As a result, we have produced this guide to office cleaning schedules.

How important is an office cleaning schedule?

Everything your company does works on a schedule. From daily and weekly meetings, to the format of each working day, repeated patterns will be easy to spot. And developing a cleaning schedule around this can bring a range of advantages, including:

  • Keeping your office clean when you need it to be. Do you have clients in every Wednesday morning? A professional cleaning schedule will have this covered.
  • Fitting into routine. A cleaning schedule can fit into your daily routine so that your staff are never disturbed at work, but your office stays well maintained and clean.

Developing an office cleaning schedule

To create an office cleaning schedule that will be effective, you should consider:

  • Breaking tasks down. Which cleaning tasks will need to be completed daily, and which will only need to be completed on a weekly basis? This will depend on the size of your office, and the amount of people sharing the same space.
  • Noting key points in the week. If, for example, you have meetings with clients every Wednesday, its important to schedule cleaning tasks around this, so that your office will create a positive first impression.

Work with the professionals

For the best cleaning results, and an effective cleaning schedule, why not work with the professionals? Here at Cleaning North West, you can be sure of a high quality service and a full range of cleaning solutions, designed to meet the requirements of your company.