Cleaning the office fridge

Office cleaning is an important factor to consider, for any employer and workplace. From the desks and conference room, to the internal glass, the office toilets and the office kitchen, its important to have a thorough cleaning regime to keep your office sanitary and your staff happy and health. As part of this office cleaning, its important not to overlook the office fridge. Whether it’s a small room fridge to store the milk for tea and coffee, or it’s a large fridge in a designated office kitchen, filled with the lunch of your staff, your office fridge will need to be cleaned regularly. But how frequently should you clean the fridge? And will it really make a difference to your workplace and your staff? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about cleaning the office fridge.

Is cleaning the office fridge important?

So, should cleaning the office fridge be given a higher priority than it currently has? Well, cleaning this should be something that you do as part of your regular office kitchen cleaning routine. And this is because:

  • The fridge door is a magnet for germs and bacteria- everyone in your office probably touches the fridge at least once a day. And as this is a solid surface, it can be the perfect surface for bacteria and germs to thrive, waiting to be passed onto the next employee that comes along. This is one way that colds and flu’s spread so quickly around the office environment. Keeping the fridge clean can help to prevent this, and keep your staff productive and healthy.
  • Food stored in the fridge can be dangerous- if your staff leave food in the fridge for a prolonged length of time, this could cause an issue with mold and fungus, which can make your staff ill. That’s why when cleaning the fridge you should also be sure to clean the inside of the fridge, and remove any spoiled or unwanted food.

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