Cleaning office chairs

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Recent studies have found that office desks can be the most contaminated place in the workplace, even including the office kitchen and office toilets. But does this extend to office chairs? Well, actually the same studies have found that the office chair, as well as the telephone and keyboard, make up some of the most unsanitary parts of the desk area. And even though your office chairs might look clean, they most likely are harboring a range of bacteria and micro-organisms. That’s why its so important to clean your office chairs regularly. But how? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading cleaning professionals. And this is our guide to cleaning office chairs effectively.

Cleaning office chairs

The cleaning procedure for office chairs will differ depending on the type of chair you use. Broadly speaking, these can fit into two separate categories:

  • plastic office chairs
  • fabric office chairs

Cleaning plastic office chairs

Easier to tackle than a fabric chair, a plastic office chair simply needs a regular wipe with a clean, warm and soapy cloth. It’s important to note that the chair should then be dried immediately too, and that you should not use any cleaning fluids that could cause discolouration of the plastic. So, whether you have a plastic office chair or the base of your chair is plastic, regular cleaning can help it stay sanitary.

Cleaning fabric office chairs

Fabric office chairs can gather a lot of dust and dead skin cells so these will need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. You can also wipe the upholstery clean with a damp cloth regularly too. Fabrics can trap a range of smells, and can be the perfect place for a range of micro-organisms to thrive. So cleaning any fabric office chairs regularly, should be a priority.

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