What does deep cleaning of your office include?

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For some companies and businesses, keeping on top of the cleaning can be a challenge. From irregular opening hours, to hectic deadline schedules, often the cleaning can be completely forgotten. And if you don’t hire a professional cleaning team, it simply might be permanently overlooked. At least until you need to clean. And by this […]

Independent living with home help in Preston

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Housework chores and daily routines can become a battle for some of us as we age. From memory issues, to mobility issues, things like shopping and cleaning can become increasingly difficult. Here at Cleaning North West, we are home help service providers. But what does this mean, and what will it cover? Well, this is our guide to independent […]

Reduce workplace stress with professional cleaning

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Stress in the workplace can have a range of negative impacts. From tension between your employees and staff members, to missed deadlines, bad communication and employee absences, there are many reasons why stress is something to avoid, for the success of your business. And here at Cleaning North West, we might just have the answer […]

Is bacteria lurking on your office desk?

Working in an office environment often means spending long hours indoors, sharing the same space as a whole host of other people. As a result, illnesses and infections often spread very quickly between employees, leading to multiple employee absences, and then additional stress for a short staffed team. The office desk is a common source […]

Is professional office cleaning worth the cost?

For companies and businesses making ends meet from month to month can be tricky. And any profit is often driven straight back into the business. But professional office cleaning is an investment that you should seriously consider. A clean, sanitary and tidy office can bring a range of benefits that could improve your company day […]