Prepare your conference room for video calls

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When it comes to making sure your office is clean, tidy, and set to make a good impression on your guests, all of the minor details are essential. But what about when the guests are not physically entering your property? With the rise of video calls and conferences taking place digitally, cleaning and preparing your […]

Post-tenancy office cleaning mistakes

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Cleaning your office professionally, before the end of your tenancy can bring a range of advantages, including ensuring that you receive your deposit back. Which can be helpful towards the deposit on your next office space. Offices can become very dirty during the course of their use, especially offices with a high number of employees. […]

Reduce winter viruses in your office

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With winter fast approaching, the changing temperatures, and the amount of time spent indoors, can be the perfect opportunity for viruses and illnesses to spread. From winter colds and flu’s, to the norovirus, this is the most common time of year for your staff to become ill. And it will usually affect multiple people in […]

Different office scents that can improve productivity

While you might not think that the way your office smells has much, if anything, to do with productivity, it can actually be an important factor. In fact, as any aroma therapy specialist will tell you, fragrances and scents can have a big impact on how we feel. And this transfers directly into the workplace […]

What to expect from professional office cleaning

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Here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading retail and commercial cleaning team. From student housing to end of tenancy cleans, we offer a full range of services in a variety of sectors and settings. This include professional office cleaning. But what can you expect from professional office cleaning? What does it entail? What […]