Advantages of clean office windows

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Keeping a clean office is important for any company or business, in any industry. But its not just the desks and the toilets that need to be kept clean. Your office windows also need to be clean too. This includes internal glass or windows that divide work-spaces, corridors and rooms, as well as windows that provide an external view. But why should you keep these windows clean? And what are the advantages of clean office windows? Well, here at Cleaning North West, we are Preston’s leading office cleaning professionals. We offer a range of tailored and flexible office cleaning solutions to keep your work environment healthy, hygienic and attractive. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about cleaning office windows.

Advantages of clean office windows

So, why should you clean your office windows? Well, this can bring a range of benefits and advantages, including:

  • A good impression
  • No staff distractions
  • Improved office hygiene

Clean office windows give a good impression

For a lot of office buildings or blocks, the office windows, and their cleanliness, are one of the first things that people entering your building notice. Marks on either the outside or the inside of your windows can be more noticeable at different points of the day, and from different angles. Grimy, greasy windows are sure to give a poor impression of your company as a whole, even though, from the inside, you might not even notice these marks.

Clean office windows improve productivity

We’ve all been in meetings that have run on too long. Or finished a task early in the office. The chances, are like most office staff, you opted to gaze out of the window, instead of being productive. Marks, handprints and smears can all be good distractions for staff with wandering minds, but cleaning these frequently can stop marks building up, and increase productivity.

Clean office windows can improve hygiene

Condensation build up on the inside of windows can create a good breeding ground for bacteria, who like humid and wet environments. This can lead to mold forming on the inside lips and seals of windows, and it can be unhygienic. Regular office window cleaning can prevent this.

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