Advantages of a clean office fridge

In any office, there are areas and spaces that typically gather more clutter, and more potential germs, than other office areas. The fridge is often one such place. From milk and tea and coffee equipment, to storing staff lunches, the office fridge can be a social hot-spot, particularly over lunch and break slots. But why should you clean your office fridge regularly? And what are the advantages of a clean office fridge? Well, here at Cleaning North West. we are Preston’s leading office cleaning professionals, and this is our guide to everything you should know about cleaning the office fridge.

What are the advantages of a clean office fridge?

There are many benefits to cleaning the office fridge regularly, and keeping this space clean and tidy in general. These include:

  • Keeping your office fresh- any old food left in the fridge can begin to smell after a short amount of time. Cleaning the fridge, and this kitchen area, regularly can reduce the amount of food waste, and help to keep your office smelling great.
  • Increase workplace efficiency- a dirty fridge that is not well organised is more likely to lead to food related problems, such as dropping items or bursting packaging. This can disrupt the workplace flow, and lower workplace productivity. As a result, a tidy clean fridge can help to have a positive impact on productivity and workplace efficiency.
  • Reducing office illnesses- with so many employees sharing the kitchen area, and reaching for the fridge door or handle, it’s no real surprise that illnesses like noro-viruses and flu’s spread quickly around the workplace. Regular cleaning, including cleaning of all high traffic areas and surfaces, like the fridge can help to reduce these illnesses and keep your business productive.

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